Review on Love In Bloom

So you guys know I go on Twitter. I happen to follow a lot of authors (as a lot of book lovers do), and Jules Bennett is one of them. I also like getting things for free, and Love in Bloom was free on Amazon a while back. I got it for my Kindle, and am super glad I did.
Love in Bloom by Jules Bennett
The blurb:
Claire Wilson had it all: a career, the love of her life and a promising future...until a near fatal accident robbed her of her sight and took the life of a young child.

Shutting the world out is much easier than dealing with the struggles of life, but when Jackson Akers comes on the scene, he won't allow Claire to live in seclusion. Being a single father to a five year old girl, Jackson knows all about life's trials...he also knows wallowing in them will get you nowhere.

Can Claire learn to enjoy life again? Jackson's creative mind kicks into high gear in an attempt to show her she can still live her dreams and have the family she deserves.

Age: 16 years and up
Review: 4 stars
This was a nice, 184-page novella to soak in when you have little free time. I absolutely loved the sweet romance that I read in these pages. It was a nice twist that the protagonist was blind, and I loved not being able to rely on if the guy was hot or not (which he so was!). I also loved the fact that it's sex-free. It's hard to find good romance books that do not have a sex scene, and this one is one of those. The love was sweet and pure, which I loved. Bennett is a fantastic author (I've read several of her books) and I look forward to more!
The only reason this book did not get a five-star review was because it seemed a bit too fast paced. Novellas are supposed to be shorter than novels (obviously!) so I understand why, but in the end, it was what made me not give this book a five-star review. I would still recommend this for anyone who has a little bit of free time and want a nice, sweet love story.

Note: It's an interesting, albeit good, change going from Kristen Ashley's books (which can border on crude), to this. I love it!


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