Review on Old Magic

When I first read this book, I was 14 years old. Four years later, I'm still in love with this book. I got this book at Borders (remember that?) and I read it in one day.
Old Magic by Marianne Curley
The blurb on the back:

No one can fight fate alone.
When Kate and Jarrod first lock eyes across the classroom, their connection is instantaneous. While everyone else shuns Jarrod as a freak, Kate's passionate belief in witchcraft helps her see him for what he truly is—someone with a powerful gift. She is fascinated by what he is capable of ... and undeniably attracted to him.
When Jarrod's abilities appear to be linked to a centuries-old curse, Kate is the only one who can help him. Together, they embark on a journey that transcends time and place, and discover a magic that will bind them together forever.

Age: This book can be classified as a young adult, but it's for children (and adults!) 12 years and up.
Review: 5 stars
I found myself immediately immersed in this book. When it ended, I didn't want to let it go. The book switches between Kate and Jarrod's point of view, so you get to see what each of them is thinking—which I've always liked. I also very much enjoyed Kate's wacky grandmother! I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, romance, and adventure, because this book has a little bit of everything.


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