The reinventing.

Today is a big day in the United States. It's 9/11, when we remember about the Twin Towers and how devastating it was when they fell. It's also a day about reinventing ourselves, so I decided to reinvent my blog. And what is it about, you ask?
Books. It always comes down to books. Well, with me anyway. I love 'em. I could spend hours readingand in fact, I have. So when my friend Kevin James Breaux mentioned I should start a blog about reviewing books, it was like a light bulb went off above my head.
"Yes! That's perfect!" I thought. Why? Because books are my life.
So I deleted all of my old posts on here and decided to change this whole blog. Instead of coming here to spill my guts, I'm coming here to review books. Perfect, no?
The books reviewed here are most likely going to be any kind of fantasy, YA, teen romance, chick-lit, and occasionally some adult. I am open-minded with my book choice and if one or some of you request a book, I'd be more than willing to give it a try.
Like with my friend Kevin's books. I normally don't read dark fantasy, but his books are good. Plus, it has fantasy. I'm all for fantasy.
So here I am. And I hope you all enjoy this. But if you don't, at least I gave it a shot, right?