FFT: Celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving

 I realize a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas, but I do.

In fact, I am extremely Christmassy. I go all out: I put up decorations (there has to be at least one in every room) and I start playing Christmas songs as soon as Halloween is over.

Now, some people don't like others celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving, and I understand their reasoning. It's a holiday that should be celebrated and such.

But here's my reasoning:

Thanksgiving is a holiday only celebrated in the United States (at least in November). Christmas is a worldwide holiday. To me, the world trumps the United States.

Now, for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I'm sorry if I come on too strong. I am a very Christmassy-type person.

A question for those who do celebrate Christmas: Do you start putting up Christmas things/songs before Thanksgiving? Why or why not?

A question for those who don't celebrate Christmas: What do you celebrate? Do you get annoyed when other people start celebrating Christmas/other holidays before Thanksgiving?

And last but not least, a Christmas Countdown:

Christmas Countdowns

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