Review Requests

NOTE: I am currently booked through July 2016, and will not accept any more review requests until August 2016, unless it is from publishers/authors that I have an ongoing relationship with. Thank you.
If you want me to review your book, please check my genre section to see which types of books I read. I have a busy review schedule, so unless there is a specific time frame, I will most likely not post my review right away.

You can email me at
In your email, please include:
Please do not send me the book before I have agreed to review it.

Also note that all my reviews are honest and though I may agree to review your book, that does not guarantee a good rating.

I try to respond to every email, but sometimes it's not possible because the email might go to the spam inbox or I am too busy. If I have not responded within a week, try emailing again.
If you just want to talk or tell me something, please go to my Contact Me page :)