FFT: Craziness and TV Shows

Well. Phew! This week's been craaaazyyy.

We've had a post (or on Wednesday two) every day this week, starting Sunday. What a crazy week. We've also had a bunch of giveaways, four of which are still going on!! (one two three four)

I absolutely enjoyed having so much happen on this blog! It's been super fun!

Since it's Saturday and there's none of my TV shows on, I thought I'd talk about them.

The shows I continuously watch are NCIS, Once Upon A Time, and Vampire Diaries.

I have to talk about them because WOW.

On NCIS, huge things have been happening. I just couldn't believe what happened at the end of Berlin. WHHATTTT.

On Once Upon A Time, I'm not liking what this Tamara chick is doing and I'm really annoyed at this. Emma already suspects her, but Neil is stupid and blind and isn't listening to Emma.

And on Vampire Diaries, WHAT. I hid the spoilers below. If you want to see them, click "Show".

Niklaus has a child?!?!?!?! A CHILD?!?!?!?! I mean, I love Klaus because he's so bad, but he would not make a good father. Poor, poor child. And poor Hayley—she's going to have to deal with Klaus and bearing his child. 

I can't wait for the next episodes. 

Do you have a favorite TV show? If you don't have time for that, a favorite movie, perhaps? (I use favorite loosely because, well, you know me. I can't choose just one.)

Alrighty, have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy the next week!


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