FFT: Sorries and Stories

Im so very sorry for not posting a review last week. Last weeks been crazy in my personal life and Ive been going through some huge changes. I know thats not really an excuse, but I promise to be better.

Now that (hopefully) all is settled, I should be reading more and able to have many reviews for you all—especially since Ive gotten ten new YA books that are just waiting for me to read them (plus the ARCs and review requests).

Many good things coming this summer so be on the lookout!

What is your favorite TV series? 

Ive recently gotten addicted to a TV show called Merlin. Theres five seasons (or series as theyre called in the UK :D) total and its completely amazing. If you love magic and adventure, I highly (HIGHLY) recommend you watch this show. Its on BBC One in the UK and Syfy in the United States.


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