Sad news: Until I Break

Michelle Leighton has just announced on her blog that she is pulling Until I Break from publishing. Today is the last day that you will be able to buy this book.

I haven’t read this book, but I’ve heard amazing things from many of my book blogger friends and sincerely hope you guys get this book. I’ve gotten it and will read it very soon.

Michelle wrote on her blog:

“When I wrote Until I Break, I could’ve watered down the story, made it more palatable, easier to accept. But as an artist, I didn’t want to cheat Sam and Alec out of their story. As I’ve said before, life isn’t always pretty, but I had hoped that the majority of people would be able to see beyond the ugly to the wonderful story of love and acceptance and healing that was embedded in Until I Break. Sadly, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

So, rather than risking people misunderstanding Sam and Alec and, therefore, me as a person and author, I’m pulling the book from publication. It will no longer be available in any format from any source after tomorrow. Yes, I could leave it out there to earn money, but every cent would be bitter, knowing that there are some who not only don’t “get” the story, but who are misunderstanding it in a disheartening way.

I would like to say a big ol’ THANK YOU to everyone who read, loved and understood the twisted lives and beautiful love of Sam and Alec. You gave me so much happiness with your outpouring of amazingly supportive words. I’m truly, truly grateful.”

Please, if you ever thought of getting this book, get it now before it’s gone.

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