FFT: Cheating Rafflecopter

Hi y'all. As many of you have noticed, there have been quite a bit of giveaways on this blog. Unfortunately, sometimes there are people who enter and then don't do the entries.

Um... I'm sorry, but if you don't want to do that specific entry, then don't enter! Pick something else. I'll have people who say they've commented, but there's no comment. Or people who say they followed the blog's Facebook page, but they don't follow.

I check every single entry. Yes, it's more work for me. But I'd like to think that the author who is giving away their book or something is worth the effort I make.

And they should be worth your effort. How hard is it to click "like" on a page. You don't want to "like" the Facebook page, then don't enter for that entry.

Common sense, people.

I do these giveaways for you. I don't have to give away books. And neither do the authors. Respect that.

So, yes, I check. And yes, if you don't complete the entry, you don't get the prize. Sorry, that's how it works. It's specified in my giveaway policy.

But seriously, please, please, don't enter if you won't complete the entry. It makes it harder for me (and honestly, it pisses me off). Don't put in the effort if you don't want to put in the effort. Just don't make it harder for the people organizing this.


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