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WARNING: This post and the links from it contain adult content. If you are under 18 years of age or if such content offends you, please EXIT now.
This book contains a really mature subject matter, and is not suitable for young readers. Seriously, guys. This book has really sensitive subjects including rape, murder, and infidelity.
This book is historical fiction/romance/mystery and was published February 10, 2013.
Vanguard of Hope by Kathy Steinemann
LISETVILLE, 1890 -- Murders are committed; homes are burned; family secrets are buried; an unexpected romance complicates lives. Amid the mystery and violence, a vigilante brigade emerges to administer justice.

Flowing through the intrigue and drama is a dark undercurrent that will touch your heart as you empathize with the victims.
Series: Sapphire Brigade, #1
Age: 18 years and up
Review: 4 butterflies
I have many thoughts on this book. I originally didn’t want to read this book, because this genre is not my genre—in other words, I generally do not read suspense. However, I am glad I read this book.

The book is written in diary form, though the prologue is in a letter from a descendant of the diary owner. The descendant, Angelina, explains that these diary entries are true and that she was so touched by them that she wants to share them.

After the prologue, the diary entries start. Hope’s story sucked me in in a way that I was really concerned with what happened to her and what was going to happen to her.

Though I did not agree with everything Hope did, I can understand why she did those things. Even as I write this, I realize that this book will stay with me forever. The writing style was such that I could not put the book down; I was really intrigued about Hope’s life.

Her relationship with Owen, however, was one I couldn’t really connect with. It felt rushed, and I felt no connection on Hope’s side until after they got married. I really didn’t understand why all of a sudden she was in love with him—it was a surprise—since I felt no connection between them. At first, I did not like Owen, but after he married Hope, his attention and love towards his wife changed my mind.

This book deals with the nitty-gritty of life. It deals with rape, murder, incest, infidelity and so much more. It is recommended for a mature audience, because even for me, some of the things I read made me feel uncomfortable.

Yes, this book is fiction. But it’s that type of book that could be true. So much so that by the end I had to go back to the beginning of the book to make sure it had that disclaimer saying that the book “is a fictional account of events.”

I do not know if I will read the next book in the series. This book took an emotional toll on me and right now I’m trying to wrap my head around everything I’ve read. I love the message this book carries and the fight for justice, but right now, I think I’ll let the book soak in.

I really do recommend this book, but not for victims of rape or people who have had loved ones be raped, as it can cause flashbacks and/or problems. But, if you feel strongly about justice prevailing and helping the victims, then read this book. The message will stay much longer after you’ve turned the last page.

A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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