Birthday Bash Day 4: Kid's Fantasy time!

Originally I had planned this one to have four books (you can see that above), but apparently one decided to hide and I haven't been able to find it for a while now. Therefore, I only have three books for this one.

Today I have three kid's fantasy books! Though they're technically for "children," anyone can read them! I love children's fantasy, it's a lot of fun to read because it has that innocence and yet you can still travel into the worlds they present.

Links and descriptions of the books under the rafflecopter :)

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Kid's Fantasy Prize Pack (US ONLY):
The Siver Door
Fortune's Magic Farm
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DarkIsle by D.A. Nelson
IT’S A MAGICAL world if you know where to look. . . .

For 10-year-old Morag, that magical world is no farther than the cellar of her cruel foster parents’ home. That’s where she’s shocked to meet Aldiss, a talking rat, and his resourceful companion, Bertie the dodo bird.

Morag jumps at the chance to escape a life of drudgery and join them on their quest to save their homeland from an evil warlock named Devlish, who is intent on destroying it. But first, Bertie and Aldiss will need to stop bickering long enough to free the only guide who knows where to find Devlish: Shona, a dragon who’s been turned to stone. Together, these four friends begin their journey to a mysterious island beyond the horizon, where danger and glory await—along with clues to the disappearance of Morag’s parents, whose destiny seems somehow linked to her own.

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The Silver Door (Moon & Sun, #2) by Holly Lisle
In the powerful, lyrical follow-up to THE RUBY KEY, Genna must master her new powers and summon an ancient magic to save her people in the fight for their freedom.

In the battle between nightlings and humans, it's prophesied that the Sunrider is destined to unite the magics of the sun and moon for the good of all. She alone can lead the fight to defeat an immortal evil.

Genna is the chosen Sunrider, and under nightling protection, she must learn the acient magics so she may bring an end to the war between slaves and masters. When she escapes a brutal plot concoted by the evil kai lords, Genna finds herself cast into the depths of the Sun Wizards' world.

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Fortune's Magic Farm by Suzanne Selfors
Suzanne Selfors is back with another a humorous light-fantasy adventure that is sure to appeal to anyone who has ever dared to dream.

This story takes place in the dark, dank village of Runny Cove. There, orphan Isabelle works her fingers to the bone at the Magnificently Supreme Umbrella Factory, struggling to support herself and her Grandma Maxine. That is, until Isabelle discovers that she has inherited Fortune's Farm, the last place on earth where magic grows. Now Isabelle must use the magic to save the people of Runny Cove without spilling the secret of Fortune's Farm to the world-or worse, to the greedy factory owner, Mr. Supreme, who wants to exploit the magical fruit for his own selfish purposes.

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That's all, folks! Good luck and come back tomorrow for more!


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