Birthday Bash Day 8: The End & Bonus Romance Giveaway

You've gotten to the last day of the Birthday Bash! Today's a bonus giveaway because I mis-counted and said there were only seven and nope, there's eight!

I started this Birthday Bash for a few reasons:
So those are the reasons I did this. But most of all, to thank you all for being such amazing followers. I might not be the most popular blog or the one with the most content, but I enjoy it so much and I love with when I get a comment, even if I don't have time to respond, I read every single one of them.

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On to the giveaway, which is why you're here isn't it? Today we have two romance books with really shiny covers, so I'm presenting the Shiny Romance Cover giveaway! (hee hee...)

Descriptions and links below the rafflecopter :)

Please read my giveaway policy before entering.
Shiny Romance Prize Pack (US ONLY):
Love With a Stranger
Sunrise Song
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love With a Stranger by Janelle Taylor
Beloved for both her historical romances and contemporary novels, New York Times bestselling author Janelle Taylor delivers spellbinding stories full of luminous emotional intensity. Now, in her latest love story, she introduces a courageous, unforgettable woman whose life is touched by heartbreak and happiness.

Thirty-five-year-old Cassandra Grantham has not been lucky with the men in her life. Twice, she gave her heart, and twice she was badly burned. Now, still reeling from her second husband's betrayal, the financially strapped widow has sought sanctuary on Georgia's lushly beautiful St. Simons Island.

Here, she will try to come to terms with her past—and her future. Here, she will meet a man who reaches out to her with tenderness and desire that make her question everything she's ever known... or felt. And here, her world will be rocked by a passion that takes her by surprise--and a love that will force her to trust herself and risk her heart one last time...

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Sunrise Song by Kathleen Eagle
In the darkness of yesterday's shadows Shines a golden promise for tomorrow.

A mixed-blood Lakota Sioux, Zane Lone Bull spent long years fighting — on a distant foreign battlefield and in his own country and has vowed to fight no more. Now a tragic crime has brought Michelle Benedict into his life. A beautiful woman seeking the truth, it is her courage and indomitable spirit that rekindle the lost fire in Zane's heart — drawing them into a decades-old mystery of a lost boy, a dark place, and a daring passion. For in the beautiful, terrible secrets of a shrouded past, another love holds the key to their destiny together — and to a promise of devotion, desire, and honor that must stand for all time.

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The end! I truly loved doing this and I wish you all luck in the giveaways!


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