FFT: School, Spring, and the Weekend

Okay so since it's finals time and as you are reading this I am cramming and studying like crazy, I didn't have time to read a full book. (GASP! What?!)

Yeah, I know. But since I am a full-time student, I have to pass these finals. (*hyperventilates*)

Luckily for you, by next week I shall be free!! (until the fall, of course.)

So meanwhile, since I have no review for you, I have a few questions for you. Pick one or answer all.

Is it spring time where you are? In other words, is the weather acting all spring-y? (read my rant)
It's finally warm here! Yay!

How're classes? If you don't go to school, how's work?
Busy for me. I'm a busy bee, I am.

And last but not least, what are you planning to do this weekend?
Study, study, and more study.

Have a great weekend everybody!